Hypnotherapy for Sports

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What is Hypnotherapy for Sports & will it improve my performance?

Maximize your sporting talent – Sports hypnosis helps you reach your true potential.

Hypnotherapy for sports is a powerful psychological technique used by the world’s top athletes – but it’s not just for the elite. You can benefit too, whether you’re looking to achieve peak performance, develop your confidence, strengthen your self-belief or simply increase your enjoyment of sport.

Hypnosis fuses hypnotherapy with mental development to help you manage anxiety, deal with negative self-talk, stay focused and improve your motivation. It can transform your determination and mental toughness, your ability to prepare for competitions and the success of your rehearsal technique.

A lasting solution

My aim is to help you get motivated and back in control as quickly as possible, permanently. I use a supportive, enabling approach from day one, working alongside you to develop effective, enduring techniques for managing the issues that concern you most. Together we’ll establish your goals and identify what’s holding you back – then focus on overcoming those barriers and moving you forward to new levels of sporting success and fulfillment.

ALL about you

Typically, I help my clients with issues such as:

  • confidence building
  • emotional control (eg. anxiety, anger)
  • motivation
  • getting in the zone
  • competition preparation
  • mental blocks
  • support with practice/training
  • mental focus
  • negative self-talk
  • concentration

Success is determined by two things .How physically prepared you are and how mentally prepared you are . We have to introduce a balance between the two for optimum performance

Hypnosis will build your personal self – confidence and personal abilities, assisting you to focus on a successful outcome.

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