What are anxiety disorders and am I a sufferer?

Anxiety disorders are increasingly common, affecting over 3 million people in the UK alone. So what is anxiety and when does it become a disorder?

Everybody feels anxiety at some stages of their life and often feelings of stress can be a good thing. For example, a fireman entering a burning building feels stress and anxiety as they face real danger, this is the fight or flight instinct that controls our adrenal system. This is an example of a rational fear and the feelings of stress are justified. What about if we feel this level of stress and anxiety at doing normal everyday tasks like making a telephone call or visiting the shops? What about social situations, does your anxiety make you awkward in the presence of others? Maybe you even feel anxious and stressed when at home on your own with no stimulus for fear? When anxiety presents itself all of the time, with no significant stimulus, this has become a problem or a disorder, but don’t worry, I can help!

anxiety disorders

Can hypnotherapy help with anxiety disorders?

Hypnotherapy is a highly successful method of dealing with anxiety disorders. Even the British Medical Association approves the use of hypnotherapy as a functional method of dealing with anxiety disorders. In fact the BMA have endorsed hypnotherapy for a long time. Here is a statement from the BMA made in 1952.

In 1955 an updated statement was issued that stated that “[f]or the past hundred years there has been an abundance of evidence that psychological and physiological changes could be produced by hypnotism which were worth study on their own account, and also that such changes might be of great service in the treatment of patients” (BMA Council Proceedings, BMJ, April 23rd, 1955:1019)

Read more about the BMA and hypnotherapy

So how does it help?

Hypnosis is the act of placing someone in a highly relaxed, highly focused and suggestable state known as trance.

For someone suffering with long term anxiety, the relaxed state in itself can bring some level of comfort to the sufferer as it allows them a break from that constant feeling of panic. Being in a very highly focused and suggestible state allows us to re-program your association to the irrational fears that you have. Changes can be made almost instantaneously. Of course any long term problems may require a series of sessions to affect long term changes to your levels of anxiety.

I have helped hundreds of people overcome very extreme anxiety disorders and I know that I can help you too. So please don’t delay, get in touch with me today either by telephone or by email and lets get started on your road to a anxiety free life. 


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