What is cannabis addiction and am I addicted?

Smoking cannabis is something people turn to for numerous reasons. Typically it is to distract them from life’s problems. In some instances, it’s a result of long term problems such as anxiety, depression and problems relating with close friends and family. The truth is that cannabis is able to only distract them from their problems for a short period of time but that time frame is usually enough to form a dependency. In this page, we’ll talk about how you can break the reliance using hypnotherapy for cannabis addiction..

Can hypnotherapy help with cannabis addiction?

As you are visiting this page, the chances are that you are familiar with cannabis and understand its effects, both positive and negative. Of course, it can give elevated feelings of relaxation, reduction in pain levels and enhanced sleep. But, more negatively, it can cause paranoia, anxiety attacks, dizziness, nausea, tension, hallucinations, psychosis, short term memory loss and lack of coordination. A number of people struggle to quit using cannabis, even if they are experiencing these negative effects, both mentally and physically. When this happens they may realise that they have a cannabis reliance.

Whether you eat, drink or smoke cannabis, there are some physical symptoms that come with it. These may include increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, permanently restricted fertility in both sexes, permanent problems with short term loss of memory, lack of dexterity, lack of balance, and the increased possibility of developing a mental illness. Teenagers who have smoked cannabis just five times have an increased risk of psychosis according to the NHS website

The issue with dependency is that while you may be worried about the risks or finding that the negative effects of cannabis are taking over your life, you really feel powerless to stop. What is usually misunderstood is that the dependency affects both the conscious and the subconscious mind and as such it often needs professional help to cause change. Hypnotherapy for cannabis addiction can help with the change. If you find that you are smoking cannabis frequently with little control, it may be time to find yourself some help before it causes you any more long-term injury.

See Matthew’s fantastic result after using hypnotherapy for cannabis addiction in his testimonial video

Hypnosis could help remove emotional dependency, making it easier to regain control. Treatment may differ depending on your needs, so the place to start is to have an initial consultation to assess your situation. You will probably be able to gain control of your dependency and work towards total abstinence. The hypnotherapist will not remove the addiction; they simply enable you to change the beliefs about your cannabis use at the subconscious level. Hypnotherapy helps you find ways to satisfy the underlying needs in a different, healthier way, so despite the fact that it doesn’t remove the addiction, it helps to divert and channel it more effectively. Why not take the first step to change?  Allow yourself to become a master of your destiny rather than a victim of addiction, and look into the power of hypnosis for cannabis addiction today by contacting Stuart


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