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Are you struggling to give up cocaine? Is this addictive drug taking over your life, relationships, and career? It’s important to know that you’re not alone and I can help you with hypnosis for cocaine addiction.

Cocaine is a powerful stimulant drug and widely used across the world. Taking cocaine is something people turn to for numerous reasons, whether that be influenced by friends or as a way of dealing with stress at work. Cocaine addiction in the UK is becoming a growing problem and can destroy your life if action is not taken at the right time. 

Long term affects of the drug both physically and mentally can have devastating long-term consequences on your life. Therefore, it’s essential to recognise the signs and symptoms of cocaine abuse so the addiction can be addressed and overcome before it’s too late.

If you’re wondering how to stop taking cocaine, I use a mix of advanced hypnosis, NLP and latest cognitive behavioural techniques to help you overcome your cocaine addiction. 

As a cocaine addiction specialist and clinical hypnotherapist, I’ve helped many of my clients overcome addiction and move on with their lives. If you’re suffering from any of the cocaine addiction symptoms below which you’d like to overcome, please get in touch. 

Are you experiencing any of these cocaine addiction symptoms?

My Cocaine Hypnotherapy Programme

My name is Stuart Downing from Hypnotherapy 4 Freedom, and I’m an expert hypnotherapist and life coach specialising in treating addictions such as cocaine addiction. I’m also a member of the Federation of Drug & Alcohol Professionals.

Using a blend of advanced hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioural techniques, and NLP many patients are able to rebuild their lives with the right hypnosis treatment and tailored support.

The aim is to break your addiction, and develop healthier behaviours and habits. This can usually take between 1 and 3 one-to-one sessions.

I offer professional and confidential one-to-one sessions in my private recovery clinics in Edgbaston in Birmingham, Solihull, and on Harley Street in London

I also offer online hypnotherapy sessions via Skype and Facetime which take place in the comfort of your own home. These online sessions are just as effective as in person appointments. All sessions are taken place is a safe and secure environment.

For more information of how I can help you with your cocaine addiction, please get in touch. I offer a FREE 30 minute consultation where we can talk through your addiction, and I’ll explain how your cocaine addiction with hypnosis in Birmingham and cocaine addiction hypnotherapy London journey will work.

cocaine addiction can hypnotherapy help

Cocaine Addiction Hypnotherapy Birmingham, Solihull, Leamington Spa, Warwick, Rugby, Kenilworth & London

Cocaine addiction is the combination of two factors: physical dependency and psychological dependency.

Physical Dependence of Cocaine

Cocaine works on the brain by increasing the dopamine chemical , which is the chemical responsible for our mental reward system. The things that give us pleasure such as food, sex, excitement are all examples of dopamine release. 

Usually, our brains release just enough to make us feel good, and the remainder gets pulled back into the nerve cells that produced it. The problem after a period of repeated cocaine use is that the brain adapts to these high levels of dopamine by reducing its ability to create it. 

The result of this lowered natural production is the necessity to take more cocaine to feel “normal.” If the regular dose now only makes you feel okay, then you now need to take a more substantial amount to feel high.

Psychological Dependence of Cocaine 

Often a person’s first encounter with cocaine can make them feel on top of the world and give them a whole new level of confidence. Cocaine is a powerful drug, and people with low self-esteem can suddenly find themselves having no problems in social situations. People with busy lives and low energy become revitalised.

It’s probably not likely for a person to obtain a physical dependence after taking cocaine once. It is, however, very possible for a person to want to feel that new level of confidence, self-esteem and energy again. Especially if they feel a massive anti-climax when returning to normality.

Thousands of people use cocaine in Birmingham from all walks of life and age groups. There’s no shame in admitting if you have a problem, and it’s the first stage to your new and healthier drug-free life.

As an addiction specialist, I’ve helped many people through hypnotherapy for cocaine addiction. Get in touch with me today and find out how you can be free of cocaine abuse with advanced and expert hypnosis. I look forward to working with you on your recovery journey. 

Watch this video to learn how addiction can affect all areas of your life, and how hypnotherapy can help you overcome your addiction with cocaine. 

Cocaine Addiction Hypnotherapy In London

Cocaine addiction is not easy to overcome, and there will be difficulties and struggles with any kind of recovery from addiction. The benefits of hypnotherapy for cocaine abuse are significant as they address the very root of the problem that caused you to begin taking recreational drugs in the first place.

Expert hypnotherapist Stuart Downing is a member of the Federation of Drug & Alcohol Professionals. By working on the very root of the issue, I’ll teach you coping strategies, new healthier habits, along with changing your perception to help you live a better, more confident life.

I have helped many people overcome cocaine addiction with hypnosis so if you’re suffering then please get in touch and let us start to make changes in your life. For a FREE 30 minute consultation, please call me and start your healthy, drug-free life today.

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