Eating Disorders and Control

Eating Disorders and Control ? Many adolescents and adults in treatment for an ED share that their symptoms serve a purpose, that of control. Control of what though? Their body? Their environment? Their lives? What I have experienced as an ED Therapist is that ED symptoms serve to control, numb, or even suppress the experience … Read more

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

How Clinical Hypnosis Works for Erectile Dysfunction. Sexually active individuals can benefit greatly from using hypnosis to improve sex and relationships. The most effective way to treat erectile dysfunction completely and permanently, is to resolve what’s causing it; if there is no longer any cause, there can be no effect. So why do you suffer … Read more

What is EMDR ?

What is EMDR? Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a highly effective treatment method for a wide range of issues. EMDR is a powerful therapeutic approach with the aim of reducing distress in the shortest period of time. It uses the natural healing ability of your body to clear emotional and cognitive blockages. The … Read more