Hypnotherapy for Insomnia / sleep disorders

Hypnotherapy for Insomnia / sleep disordersMany people suffer from insomnia and sleep disorders in Birmingham and the UK. Without proper treatment, insomnia and sleep disorders can result in daytime fatigue, irritability, anxiety, impaired work performance, depression, weight gain, and more. Fortunately, hypnotherapy treatment for insomnia and sleep disorders in Edgbaston, Birmingham has proven successful for … Read more

E.M.D.R therapy for effective treatment of emotional trauma

Many people suffer from emotional trauma in Birmingham. When people don’t receive treatment for the emotional trauma they often experience depression, anxiety, panic ,emotional numbness, loss of interest in activities, nightmares, and much more. Fortunately, Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy for emotional trauma in Edgbaston, Birmingham has proven successful for many people and … Read more

Hypnotherapy treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder

There are several factors that can cause somebody to suffer from a borderline personality disorder although the exact cause is unknown. The most likely causes include genetics, changes in brain structure, and environmental factors. Thus, you are at a higher risk of developing BPD if you have a family member with BPD or if you … Read more

Client Testimonial from Hypnotheraphy 4 Freedom

A truly inspirational life coach encouraging self develop and recovery from a vast variety of life situations. Thanks Stuart you were a key player in the process to recovery.  Simon on May 08, 2021 at 20:10:25 “I cannot recommend Stuart enough. Stuarts professionalism and understanding of such a wide variety of life issues that effect mental health, relationships … Read more

Are You Meeting The Wrong Person in Relationships?

Do you have a history of meeting dates and prospective partners who just don’t stick around? Sometimes it’s not so evident at the beginning. You’ll meet someone who seems very into you. Maybe he or she alludes to long-term plans with you from the start – dropping these little comments that seem to indicate something … Read more

How Hypnotherapy Can Help With Alcohol Addiction

You cannot force someone you love to stop abusing alcohol. As much as you may want to, and as hard as it is to watch, you cannot make someone stop drinking. The choice is up to them. Don’t expect the person to stop drinking and stay sober without help. Your loved one will need treatment, … Read more

How Hypnotherapy Can Help with Love and Betrayal

BETRAYAL -Turning It all Around: Same Partner, New Relationship Think about this for a minute: Why would you want to recreate the relationship that led to this betrayal? Why would you want to repeat that? Clearly, the old relationship wasn’t working – if it was, it wouldn’t have resulted in betrayal. Even though you were … Read more

How Hypnotherapy Can Help With Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine – HIGHLY addictive. Cocaine is considered highly addictive and one of the most habit-forming substances on the planet. As soon as the drug enters the brain — whether through inhalation, smoking or injection — it warps the brain’s reward pathway and its production of certain chemicals related to pleasure (such as dopamine) and stress. … Read more

Addiction – How does it work ?

Until recently, very little was known about how the brain can turn off the desire for addictions and how the subconscious mind can stop addictive urges. We know that the brain is constantly changing. The neuroplasticity of the brain allows focused treatment to create new neural connections. Without treatment the brain uses neural pathways to trigger emotions, needs, pleasure and cravings, which feed the addiction. Treatment changes those responses by rewiring of … Read more

Hypnotherapy for Help With Loving Ourselves

When We Don’t Love Ourselves, We Can’t Be Loved By Someone ElseWhen we don’t love and accept ourselves fully, we can’t ever have a great relationship or a happy life. Loving yourself comes with practice and confidence. Our partner may whisper, “I love you so much” and we won’t believe them. We’ll always be looking … Read more