Alcohol and Quitting

You cannot force someone you love to stop abusing alcohol. As much as you may want to, and as hard as it is to watch, you cannot make someone stop drinking. The choice is up to them. Don’t expect the person to stop drinking and stay sober without help. Your loved one will need treatment, … Read more

Love Betrayal

BETRAYAL -Turning It all Around: Same Partner, New Relationship Think about this for a minute: Why would you want to recreate the relationship that led to this betrayal? Why would you want to repeat that? Clearly, the old relationship wasn’t working – if it was, it wouldn’t have resulted in betrayal. Even though you were … Read more

Cocaine Addiction – Highly Addictive

Cocaine – HIGHLY addictive. Cocaine is considered highly addictive and one of the most habit-forming substances on the planet. As soon as the drug enters the brain — whether through inhalation, smoking or injection — it warps the brain’s reward pathway and its production of certain chemicals related to pleasure (such as dopamine) and stress. … Read more

Addiction – How does it work ?

Until recently, very little was known about how the brain can turn off the desire for addictions and how the subconscious mind can stop addictive urges. We know that the brain is constantly changing. The neuroplasticity of the brain allows focused treatment to create new neural connections. Without treatment the brain uses neural pathways to trigger emotions, needs, pleasure and cravings, which feed the addiction. Treatment changes those responses by rewiring of … Read more

Loving Ourselves

When We Don’t Love Ourselves, We Can’t Be Loved By Someone Else When we don’t love and accept ourselves fully, we can’t ever have a great relationship or a happy life. Our partner may whisper, “I love you so much” and we won’t believe them. We’ll always be looking for evidence that they are secretly … Read more

Relationships are the testing ground

Relationships are the testing ground , the ultimate proof of our ability to love ourselves.The bright and sometimes harsh searchlight of love will bring to the surface anything in ourselves that we have not loved . That is why relationships afford the greatest opportunities for us to learn to stay centered in our love for … Read more

Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety+ Stress Anxiety blights the lives of increasingly large numbers of people. It may initially be focused on realistic concerns – such as financial difficulties, health, job insecurity or unemployment, relationship problems (particularly complex in blended families) and fears about the future in an increasingly uncertain world – but then spiral out of control. Or … Read more