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BETRAYAL -Turning It all Around: Same Partner, New Relationship
Think about this for a minute: Why would you want to recreate the relationship that led to this betrayal? Why would you want to repeat that?

Clearly, the old relationship wasn’t working – if it was, it wouldn’t have resulted in betrayal.

Even though you were the one who was wronged, your relationship can never survive if you don’t recognize this critical truth:

You can never go back to the relationship you had before. You must create something ENTIRELY NEW.

This is your chance to start over. It’s not you being gullible or letting yourself be walked on. It’s you saying:

“I’m not going to trust you again. I’m going to trust you for the first time.”

By saying this, you are erecting your boundaries.

Yes, you are taking a leap of faith. But you are doing it because your partner has expressed sincere repentance and because you both believe this relationship is worth fighting for – IF you have some new ground rules.

Pressing The Restart Button
You can’t create a new and different – and yes, even better – relationship if you do the same things you did in the old one.

Like a computer that has stalled and crashed, you need to turn it off and back on again.

Transformation requires a “reset” – in terms of communication, how you operate as partners, and how you are within yourself. It requires a set of “ethics” or rules you can both agree on that will steer your relationship through any storm.

Most of all, it requires courage, authenticity, and continuous evolution – of you, your partner, and your relationship.

If you’ve experienced infidelity or any other painful betrayal in your relationship – or even if you’re just burned out from endless fighting and tension – your relationship is in crash mode, and you need a reboot.

Relationship CPR is like a reset button for your relationship.

First, you’ll learn how to get absolute clarity on WHAT HAPPENED and WHY.

Most couples THINK they know what went wrong, but they’re actually too close to the problem. That’s where I step in and help you see things from a completely new vantage point so you can arrive at NEW solutions.

Once you have an accurate diagnosis of where the relationship broke down, only then will you have the power to stop the negative patterns and keep them from repeating.
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